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The following categories are considered high-priority. Please focus new page creation and information gathering efforts on these areas as much as is feasible.

Category:Virtual Shadowing - A place for established Hunters to discuss their daily divisional duties, to help new recruits understand division functions and to assist in better-informed divisional transfers. Free-form: essays, lists, whatever you want to contribute; just keep it tidy and be sure your division and rank are part of the submission.

Category:FEAR - Anything and everything related to FEAR, FEAR exposure, Insanity, and related topics.

Category:Facility - Files relating to the Island itself and information for newcomers, including training guides for basic tasks.

Category:Persons of Interest - Enemy profiles and dossiers on civilians of material interest to Deus.

Category:Locations - Off-island places of material interest to Deus, in Halloween and the human world.

Category:Artifacts - Anything and everything related to artifacts.

Category:Incident reports - Broad overviews of notable and important events in Deus history.

Category:Leads and Assists - Remember that your name is attached to every edit you make when editing information here.