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Welcome to the Distributed Information Access Nexus & Archive (DIANA)

DIANA is a Hunter-public shared archive/wiki. Please contribute freely and be aware that all information contained on DIANA is accessible to all Hunters. DIANA is not a confidential or classified intelligence network. Sensitive information should be handled through the appropriate channels.

Loose lips sink ships, and occasionally unleash apocalyptic hellbeasts who will wreak unutterable suffering and destroy us all.

New Hunters

New hunter looking for information? Start here: Welcome to Deus.

Getting started with DIANA

By default, new users do not have edit permissions. Contact O. Thompson with your username to be promoted to Trusted usergroup status.

Before contributing to DIANA, please refer to the style guide.

Vandalism will be dealt with appropriately.

DIANA is an informational resource for the benefit of all Hunters. Please treat it with respect.

Non-frivolous questions and concerns can be directed to O. Thompson at his talk page or via intranet Twitter.

Please visit the High-Priority Categories page for projects in need of immediate contribution. Suggested projects can be discussed on the High Priority Categories talk page. Placeholder files requiring information can be seen to here.

Remember: DIANA is an open network. Do not share classified or division-sensitive information. Do not share information that could jeopardize Hunter safety if known throughout Deus. Do not share information that you could not write on a poster and hang up in the cafeteria safely.

Current known issues

Using a horizontal rule is causing broken pages. Working on a fix. In the meantime, please refrain from using horizontal rules.