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This wiki is an IN-CHARACTER institution!


  • It exists on the Deus intranet, not the "normal" internet. It cannot be accessed outside the Island and is for Hunter eyes only.
  • It is meant to be contributed to IN-CHARACTER. This means you should register and post IN-CHARACTER.
  • It is optional. You don't have to involve yourself in this shit if you don't want to :D
  • IT IS IN-CHARACTER. SO PLEASE ONLY POST INFORMATION THAT YOUR CHARACTER HAS, IN-CHARACTER. It can be very tempting to metagame and post the things you know that your character doesn't but PLEASE DON'T. Immersion will suffer! Reality will suffer! THERE WILL BE SUFFERING BUT NOT THE FUN KIND :(
  • ICly this site is run mostly by Taym/Obadiah Thompson, but he has help from various Life and Death people. Feel free to volunteer to be one of those people ICly, even if you don't really do much OOCly, if you think it'd make sense for your character to have his fingers in this pudding.
  • This means by extension that this is Rejam's pet project and any problems with it should go to her. Please don't harass the GMs about the wiki, harass Rejam instead!
  • This also means most of the boilerplate/explanatory text was originated by Taym, so it has a bit of Taym's irritability and dry sense of humor scattered throughout. Please don't take personal offense.
  • Related to the above, Taym makes a few requests here and there about things people shouldn't do to articles. Within reason, feel free to ignore those suggestions if it's IC to do so. If you're afraid of a potential wiki-breaking edit, talk it over with Rejam if you're nervous--the beauty of the Wiki is that everything is revertible. Otherwise, do what your character would do! That includes embellishing articles with personal commentary, etc. when Taym specifically says not to, or leaving behind bad grammar and spelling for other users to clean up if it's truly OOC for your character to get that sort of thing right. TL;DR don't be scared to behave ICly even when the IC rules are contrary to your intentions.

This wiki is meant to serve two functions: to get basic information into the hands of trainees ICly, and to serve as a repository for fun IC notes about the things that have happened around Deus. It may also provide another venue for character interaction--and possibly serve purposes as-yet unimagined!

To get promoted to Trusted/be able to edit, either ICly tweet Taym (@tomcatachresis) with your username, or PM/IM Rejam (AIM:Thaumatropes) with your username.

How to leave a talk page edit!

You can use : in front of a line to indent it. When replying to comments, put one more : in front of your comment than the comment above you has. Also put ~~~~ at the end of the line to leave your signature. You can change your signature on your preferences page, but it's a good idea to hold on to the forum default if you're new to Wiki, just in case you mess something up. VOICE OF EXPERIENCE :(