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Style Guide

For minor edits such as spelling and grammar correction, please check the "This is a minor edit" box to avoid spamming Recent Changes. Preview changes before submitting, for the same reason.

Personal Commentary

The goal of the network is to gather Hunter perspectives. Feel free to inject personal commentary and experiences. It is preferred that you segregate such comments in brackets and sign with ~~~.


  • This is a normal, dry, descriptive article sentence. [And here's what I think about that... - O. Thompson (talk)]

Talk page signatures

Sign all talk page contributions by typing ~~~~ or ~~~ after your submission.


A basic guide to using in-site formatting can be found at this page.

Article Creation

To create an article:

  • Search for the intended article name.
  • Click the red link.
  • Start the article with a Headline (use the code: == Headline ==) that is exactly the same as the article title.

Ideally article titles should have the first word capitalized and all others lowercase, except in the instances of proper nouns. Some exceptions are permissible and even inevitable.

Please use [[Category:Name]] to keep all files in the appropriate categories.

Personnel files

Hunters are free to edit their own personnel files and the personnel files of others, but personal comments should be kept to a minimum and instead housed on the relevant talk pages. Don't be a dick. Except on talk pages. Be as much of a dick as you like there.

In addition, please refrain from removing personal information that may be of value to other Hunters. If you feel a personal defense is necessary, do it on the talk page.