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The following page is designed to equip you with the absolute basics and essential information you will require to begin your career as a hunter. No amount of text is a substitute for hands-on experience. Please consider this information a foundation, rather than a finished product. Most of your education will come in the field and from other hunters.


Your Job

You may or may not by now remember the circumstances surrounding your recruitment. In brief: you signed up for this. This is combating the forces of darkness.

We are Deus Ex Machina. We are a shadow organization devoted to defending humanity against the effects of FEAR, Insanity, and the supernatural. The distinctions between these things will become clear to you over the course of the next several weeks or months.

Straight out of the pod, you will be assuming typical trainee duties. These range from janitorial, maintenance, and housekeeping tasks to job shadowing and physical training. Your schedule will vary. You are expected to make use of your time by acquainting yourself with your weapon and combat, through research and job shadowing, through missions assigned by your superiors, and, yes, through the simple day-to-day tasks required to support a self-contained organization the size of Deus Ex.

Further into your career you will begin to take on tasks more suited to your division's specializations and to your particular skillset.

Above all else, make yourself useful.

Your Location

You are currently reading this page on the Deus Ex intranet. This is a self-contained network that is not accessible off the Island. With few exceptions available to specialized, high-ranking individuals, the outside world's internet is not accessible here.

The Deus Ex facility you are located in is housed in the Bermuda Triangle. It is self-contained, housing dormitories, training facilities, a library, labs, and other necessary resources.

Typically, you will receive limited leave time after a period of proving your value and loyalty as a hunter. Not infrequently, Deus Ex will be subjected to power outages or other situations that will render the means of leaving the island--the portals--unusable save for emergencies. In these situations you will be expected to make do with what resources you have, which may mean deprivation of laundry and showering facilities and a larder consisting entirely of MREs. Deal with it. You signed up for that, as well.

A quartermaster exists, from which you will requisition all basic necessities. More personalized or luxury items can be obtained during leave.

Technology on the island is fickle. Any technological device that works within the confines of the island is made to do so by runic technology. Theoretically any device can be made runic. The cellphone or computer you are using to access this page is runic. Any other technology will be rendered useless. Certain Life techs (see below) can be bribed to apply runic tech to existing electronics, if you have the cash.

Runic technology can be unpredictable, especially in its experimental stages. Handle all runic technology with care, and never attempt to use unknown runic technology without first being trained on its effects and proper handling.

Deus also has strong negative effects on biological life. Don't get any clever ideas about smuggling in pets, unless you are prepared to watch them suffer a slow, agonizing death. Your weapon bond prevents you from undergoing the same fate.

Your Division

The hunters of Deus Ex are divided into five divisions. While every Deus recruit can expect to spend time engaging in active combat and performing mundane tasks like minipet cage cleaning and dishwashing, different divisions have different responsibilities. The specific tasks of each division are nuanced and overlap exists, but in brief, the divisions are as follows:

  • Sun - Front line offense. The foot soldiers and heavy hitters. Expected to demonstrate combat expertise. Learn more about Sun division here.
  • Moon - Front line defense and rescue. Typically paired up with Sun hunters (this is known as an Eclipse team) to maximize front line effectiveness.
  • Life - Research and experimentation. Devoted to the study of FEAR, Insanity, and any science and technology that may be of use to Deus, and also comprise most of the infirmary staff. Individual focus may be more "desk work" or more hands on, depending on the task.
  • Death - Intelligence, recon, surveillance, and stealth. Whereas Life division analyzes raw data from the field, Death acquires it. Preliminary information delivered to you before a mission was likely gathered by a Death hunter. Learn more about Death division here.
  • Mist - The jack-of-all-trades, Mists are expected to fill any role capably, at the cost of specialization. Learn more about Mist division here.

It is worth reiterating that the existence of separate divisions does not imply any recruit's freedom from learning a particular broad skill. It is advisable to attempt all divisional training courses regularly, and it is absolutely imperative to diligently maintain a regimen of fitness and combat training.

Your Bosses

Don't trust the Division leads to do what is best for you personally over what is best for the organization, nor go to them for personal problems or counselling. A notable exception is Allan. Be forewarned that although he will not actively make attempts to maim you and/or end your life, Allan is a unique brand of crazy. Be braced for high levels of enthusiasm.

Your Enemy

The enemy consists of all creatures made of FEAR. These creatures live in a different world called Halloween, and it is strongly urged that all hunters who wish to infiltrate use a golem versus appearing in person. Even with FEAR shields, humans are unable to remain in Halloween for long periods of time, although it should be noted that moon hunters will generally be able to last longer given their division specialty. Using a golem will protect your body and also prevent denizens from recognizing you in any post-visit encounters.

Halloween denizens fall into 5 different "factions": monster, demon, reaper, ghost, and undead. Each faction possesses general characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses as listed below.

  • Reaper - Essentially appear as humans with weapons. Can cast magic and blend well in the human world.
  • Ghost - Transparent and translucent to varying degrees. Can float. Can become invisible and intangible to a degree, but apparently weak against magic and emit light.
  • Undead - Self-explanatory. Resilient and can take apart limbs with no harm, but weak against fire.
  • Monster - Catch-all category. Large variety within monsters make them unpredictable as a group, but also weak against magic depending on the monster.
  • Demon - Can be considered 'upper class' within Halloween society. Adept with magic.

It should be noted, however, that not all creatures of FEAR fall into the above categories. FEAR creatures who do not fit the above are part of the collective Horsemen Clans, based on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, also called 'horsemen' for short. The Clans once lived on four isles, but were destroyed (along with their main clan leaders, barring Death) by Hunters in a mission. They now reside in a small sanctuary in Halloween led by Head Priestess Medea. As mythos states, the horsemen are bent on bringing the human apocalypse. Unlike most Halloween denizens, they are almost always significantly more hostile and violent, and should be approached with caution. Horsemen are divided into four clans. Being acquainted with the differences in the clans helps a hunter be better prepared in the event of a chance encounter.

  • War - Frequently encountered in jungle areas, with a specialization in all forms of combat and a knack for traps. War horsemen are winged and typically armed with swords and daggers, and tend to appear dressed in furs and natural clothing, with tattoos, bone or feather accessories, etc. common.
  • Death - Death horsemen can be identified by a tendency to dress as if for the cold, with a generally Nordic appearance. Death horsemen are frequently armed with sickles and scythes, and encounters with them are sometimes marked out by use of illusion and hallucination.
  • Famine - Typically encountered in arid, desert regions, Famine horsemen are marked by their "nomadic" appearance, and at times exposed bones. They seem to have an association with insects.
  • Conquest - Distinctly Asian in appearance, Conquest horsemen are frequently armed with bows.

Prior to the destruction of their homeland, horsemen were known to actively seek out and destroy Hunters and Hunter bloodlines. As things stand, they continue to, when possible, kidnap and torture Hunters and show little to no willingness to negotiate. Considering the horsemen's modus operandi of killing and torturing humans, they can be considered your bigger, deadlier enemy. While it is possible to find sympathizers among regular Halloween denizens (who can then be converted into weapons, become sources of information, etc.) any attempt to cooperate with horsemen is strongly advised against.

Your Weapon

You have by now experienced the weapon initiation ceremony, and probably had a few conversations with the thing now living in your head.

Your weapon was formerly a denizen of Halloween. Its essence was distilled into the weapon tablet you selected in the Cove, and by bonding with it you have gained abilities beyond those available to a normal person, not least of which is the ability to survive within the confines of Deus. You have also gained a physical manifestation of this creature in the form of--obviously--a weapon. Weapons vary widely in size, shape, and basic function. Your weapon, when not summoned, inhabits a "totem form" that can be any small object at all, although it frequently manifests as a piece of jewelry.

Your weapon is a permanent part of your life now. While you can learn to lessen or increase the degree to which you are connected, it is impossible to shut your weapon out. This is the price you pay for your new talents.

Your weapon has also granted you the ability to sustain and deliver FEAR damage. A trip to the training fields, either on one of the FEAR-imbued dummies or with a partner, is advisable ASAP to acquaint you with these effects.

You are now equipped with a FEAR shield, an invisible barrier that prevents FEAR from having the effects on you that it would have on a normal human. In addition, your shield soaks physical damage.

Your weapon, in its former life, was possessed of supernatural abilities powered by FEAR. Some of these abilities are now yours, provided you can first "charge" your weapon. You will do this by making contact with FEAR creatures or other FEAR shields.

For a full run-down of the weapon bond and your weapon's unique abilities, please see an established hunter--a Sun division hunter may be particularly advisable--and visit the training fields.

It is possible, when the island is fully functional, to "meet" your weapon by having their essence transferred temporarily into a W-type golem. This is experimental technology and carries its own set of risks.

Your Life

The isolated nature of the island can be stressful to some. It is advisable to find ways to stay busy and to maintain a personal schedule.

You no longer have ties to life outside the island. Deus is your home, and your fellow hunters your only family and friends. As a matter of practical acceptance of human nature, no restrictions are placed on romantic entanglements, provided they do not interfere with your ability to perform your job.

If you choose to pursue a sexual relationship on Deus, be advised that safe sex is literally a matter of life or death. This is true of both men and women. For further details on why you do not want to engage in unsafe sex, please consult a Life technician for an informative and unforgettable presentation about the risks of sexual activity as a hunter. For those with weak stomachs, it may be sufficient to say that the words "zombie baby" are not a figure of speech.

Again, this warning applies to both male and female hunters.

Those interested in cultivating a social life will find ample opportunities for mingling. Additionally, Deus intranet contains a Twitter mirror. Remaining active on Deus Twitter is an excellent way to observe interpersonal relationships on the island and an even better way to stay up-to-date on day-to-day occurrences and opportunities around Deus.

Words of Advice

The following section is devoted to first person perspectives and advice from existing hunters.

Hunters looking to contribute to this section: please keep your contributions brief, helpful, and as free of offensive material as possible. Remember to sign your contributions with ~~~.

Ask questions. People will not, for the most part, volunteer information. Ask smart questions, and don't ask the wrong people. Cultivate a sense of teamwork that does not sacrifice self-sufficiency. Do not compromise on either. O. Thompson (talk)
Don't accept anything from life hunters that glows, smells funny, or looks harmless. AKA: Accept nothing because if they're offering it's 99% of the time an attempt to test something on you. JohnWindwalker (talk)
Also don't fight someone out of your league unless you trust them not to kill you. JohnWindwalker (talk)