Welcome! This is the Inventory Website for this year's Winter Collective.

To order, click on an artist's name, pick out what you like, and return to the official shop thread to fill out and post a form.

All artwork on this page is credited to Kei-Ryu-Ryo.

Thank you for stopping by! Happy Holidays!

Here we have several things for sale.

Christmas Ornaments 15g each or 65g for the entire set

Black Candle 1, Black Candle 2, White Candle 1, and White Candle 2: Price: 15g each or 40g for all four.

Hot Chocolate Cups
Price: 15g each/60g for 5/105g for 10/Entire Set for 525g

Decorated Cup Choice: 1st row from left to right: Fuyu (Winter)

Solid Color Choices: 2nd row from left to right: Light Blue, Light Gray, Orange, Blue, Red, Black, Purple, Gray, Pink, Yellow, Green, Light Pink, White, Dark Blue, Lavender

Decorated Cup Choices: 3rd row from left to right: Sora (Sky), Kumo (Cloud), Hikari (Light), Yuki (Snow), Hi (Fire), Yoru (Night), Koi (Love), Arashi (Storm), Sakura (Cherry Blossom), Nichi (Sun), Tsuchi (Earth), Momo (Peach), Koe (Voice), (unnamed dark blue cup), Hoshi (Star)

Snowflake or Mistletoe: Price: 20g each

Angel: Price 20g each without text/30g each with text

Winter Scene: Price: 55g each

Gift Bag or Christmas Wreath: Price: 60g each

Gingerbread House: Price: 70g each

Snowman: Price: 80g each

Two Freebies below for you!
Price: 0g each