alias: eclectic blue
b-day: 04/26/84
location: wesleyan university [middletown, CT]
aim: and be blue

favorites: "just joking", "make up words" scrabble, /ka/, a life less ordinary, abstract concepts, all sorts of libraries, angsty emily stuff, anything by shakespeare, aol profiles, beading things for people, beating people at tetris, being blue, being told i'm beautiful, belief in true love, big thick comforters, buffy the vampire slayer, causing a commotion, comments in my journal, cooking thai food, corrupt little ducks, cowboys with their guns, crying over books [again], dib's sister gaz, doodling page-filling doodles, drawing on myself, dreaming impossible dreams, dressing up for fun, driving stick shift, electric blankets in winter, enid from ghost world, existentialism [sort of], falling into fantasy books, feeling sexy, feet on the ground, fight club provoked thoughts, finally leaving home, fresh-copy smell, getting ims from strangers, ghost [cat and character], gir's insanity, giving gifts without cause, green day [especially nimrod], gunslinger books and rpers, having everyone's attention, having the hard facts, head in the clouds, hoarding it for home, hot topic gothic clothing, i feel sick comics, johnny the homicidal maniac, kenneth branagh's hamlet, knitting presents, knowing all the answers, la vie boheme, last unicorn [book/movie], laying in bed, legend [it's just awful], legend of dragoon, lenore [little dead girl], leonard bernstein's mass, letters to cleo, level eighteen in tetris, life as a house, lip rings, little sideways smiles, long calculus equations, looking back, looking forward, lord of the g-string, magical ravioli, magnetic poetry, making a scene, making people laugh, mallrats the fiftieth time, marking up books, mates of state, math problems equaling one, mathew broderick in ladyhawke, medieval clothing, messy and comfortable rooms, midnight swims, my wonderful character ever, needing glasses, new york city, nine online comics, not needing to drink, nothing [character and concept], organizing things, original nintendo, people who love dorks, persons [not people], phish food, physics [my maybe major], poor little squee, poppy z. brite, pretending i'm a cynic, questioning everything, reading good omens [again], remembering all my french, rent [the play], rereading my favorite books, roleplaying, scathing sarcasm, sci-fi, simpsons did it, singing in public places, singing in renaissance faires, sleeping in late, south park [late], southern accents, star lollipops, star wars [han solo!], steven king's dark tower, strangers in paradise, sunday comics [rare], swimming exactly twelve laps, talking to geeks, telephone calls from mark, terry brooks, terry pratchett [discworld], the freedom of youth, the idea of lesbians, the incredible indiana jones, the last unicorn, theory of knowledge, they might be giants, thirty-seven, three/four part canons, too much television, torch songs, torn fishnets, twin snoods, unorganizing my organization, unusual laughs, vibrancy [color and people], watching daria with jenn, watching the princess bride, wearing my bodices, wearing wings, weebles [wobble not fall!], wesleyan university, white pizza, whose line is it?, winning [a rare occasion], worn away covers, writing my crappy vignettes, x-men comics, young indiana jones, zany folks, zim!.