November 30th, 10:05 AM

DEEP BREATH. 50208 words, which means I ...I finished. I'm going to go validate now, but...god. Wow.

November 30th, 9:35 AM

Agghgghgh. Kind of awful scene, I'm super tired but forcing myself to write anyway. 49098. I think I'll write another scene and then validate, and THEN go back to sleep...

November 29th, 11:46 AM

Well, hm. 47917 words,which means 2100 more. I have an ending in mind, but it'll be abrupt, I think; ah well. Write now, edit later.

November 28th, 12:57 PM

Now, where the hell am I going with this? [50,000 words, that's where!] I'm up to 46741, now. I only need 3300 more, roughly! ... and the story is dangling, I have no idea how it will end, or when.

November 27th, 12:00 PM

Mmm. aw. er. 45375 words.

November 26th, 5:24 PM

A scene that had to happen eventually. I knew it was coming, and so did you, I'm sure. 44372 words. I am a full day ahead of schedule, and I have even passed the NaNoWriMo original schedule point thingy! :D er, yeah.

November 26th, 11:01 AM

aagh, so tired. now is the time when I curl back up in bed and sleep. But, I managed to get ahead of schedule! :D I now have thirty-eight scenes in the story, three of them written this morning, and a grand total of 43440 words.

November 26th, 10:20 AM

Yay. 41872 words. About 400 more words need to be written today; that will come out as one scene, I believe. Now I just have to figure out what to write about.

November 26th, 9:48 AM

Another scene, brings me up to 40760 words.

November 25th, 4:48 PM

39654 words, another part of the story. I'll definitely be writing more before I go to bed. Or, at least, I think so.

November 25th, 9:21 AM

Woah. Um, yeah. I started to get back into bed, but had an idea for another part, and got up to write the first line so I wouldn't forget. And now there's another scene. And I'm up to 38511 words. Only 1500 behind...! That's one and a half scenes, maybe!

November 25th, 8:53 AM

OMG, I write so much better and faster in the mornings, wtf. Well, um. Here's Altair's story. I like it. :D And 37508 words. So fucking far behind. Hopefully I'll catch up later today.

November 24th, 3:31 PM

So, yeah, no idea why I didn't write that third scene yesterday. It's up now, though. 36242 words.

November 23rd, 6:40 PM

This afternoon was spend on Bunny's christmas present. Le sigh. No astronomy homework finished, not yet, but I managed to write another scene of the story. Now 35117 words. I will write another scene before I go to bed if it KILLS me!

November 23rd, 1:39 PM

Yeah, yesterday was a long day. And now I have to catch up. And I feel shitty. Blah, another part brings us up to 34037 words. At least I broke that 33000 mark?

November 22nd, 5:24 AM

So, uh, I lied. I wrote more. 32988 words, now.

November 22nd, 4:02 AM

Arg. Now I am behind again. But fridays are long days for me, I wasn't home between 10 in the morning and 1 in the morning. Yep. Seriously. I wrote another scene of the story, but it was only 1076 words, brings my grand total to 31945. I won't write any more tonight, I'll try to write a lot tomorrow.

November 21st, 4:27 AM

YES! I DID IT! Wrote another scene before bed! This makes 30869 words. Two more scenes, and I should be at the 33000 mark, and it's supposed to be easy from there.

November 21st, 2:58 AM

A short scene, another set up. Sighisigh. Why can't I just launch in? anyway, this brings the story up to 29831 words. GODDAMNIT. I want to break 30000. Maybe I'll manage to write another scene before bed...

November 20th, 3:33 PM

More! more! Aaah, my. This scene is kind of pointless. I do that alot, they're scenes that set up other scenes, but...I don't know. They're part of my style, I suppose. 29113 words, which means I am SO CLOSE to being on schedule again, it's not even funny. it makes my stomach do a happy flippy thing. I have to write another scene tonight, a longer one, but that should be easy, since I know what's coming next...

November 20th, 4:13 AM

Despite the fact that there was much whining and bitching from two of my 'friends' last night [or perhaps because of the energy boost I get from putting people down, does that make me a bad person?], I have put up another scene of the story. Brings me up closer closer closer. 28039 words.

November 19th, 6:10 PM

Must...reach...33000 words...by the end of this weekend....And a new scene, and I am up to 26536, so far. If I write...another scene tonight, and an extra tomorrow, I should be roughly up to date.

November 18th, 11:12 PM

My third scene for today! I just...I really like this one. I like it when my characters are irrational, I guess? Brings me up to 24997 words. Niiiice. That means I'm almost on schedule!

November 18th, 4:12 PM

There. Another part, written during math class, which should explain any changes in style. Now: 23614 words. YAY. I need to write at least one more scene for tonight - but I know what it'll be, so that shouldn't be too much trouble...

November 18th, 2:52 PM

Jinxed myself. Said I wouldn't fall behind, so of COURSE I did. But now I'm working on getting back up to date; another scene of the story is up, and I have another one to type. Right now the word count is at 22515. More later.

November 16th, 4:15 AM

Well, I totally thought that I was going to fall behind in the story tonight, but...I managed just fine. :D Despite the fact that, y'know, I had a LARP from 3pm-11pm. Yeah, craziness, NPCing, it was great. Anyway! 21,034 words! I RULE!

November 15th, 4:43 AM

19505 words. :D now I'm allowed to sleep. I like this scene SO much better than the last one I wrote. It was done especially for Josef - he said he wanted more character development in Calidris and Corbett, and I'm TRYING to pull it off.

November 14th, 11:09 PM

Ew. I kind of hate this scene. But, it makes the story that much longer, and no editing until December! Quantity over quality. And this brings my wordcount up. 18186 words. Not allowed to go to bed until I write 900 more, but...right now I'm going to have some fun.

November 13th, 3:59 PM

I wrote this scene of the story in math class. I like it, even though it's a little random; every scene has a purpose, in my mind. I just don't always know what that purpose is! My word count is now 17121. Also, I redid the schedule that is found in the ouline area.

November 13th, 8:55 AM

Got up early to write another section of the story, now I'm going back to bed. I got a lot written in an hour; apparently I write better and faster in the morning! The word count is now at 15917. I have to write a thousand more words today, according to a new schedule I worked out.

November 12th, 4:08 PM

I wrote this section of the story in psych; pardon if it makes no sense. It does have a purpose, though. I think. Maybe. 14707 words, in any case!

November 12th, 12:38 AM

13596 words. Go read the next part.

November 10th, 9:46 PM

I'm up to 12427 words in the story! Forgive any sappiness. Also, check out the doll of Altair I did, and stuck up in the outline area. Geekiness, yes. :oP

November 10th, 4:07 PM

Another scene of the story, bringing me up to 11629 words. It's violent, weird, I tried to tone it down. At least I like the writing in this one, though?

November 10th, 3:29 AM

Grrr, arg! well, aah. I wrote more of the story, my tenth scene. But it's extremely short, and only brings me up to 10387 words. I'm still about 4000 words behind schedule. closer to 5000. I guess this means...grah. I just have to start writing 2000 words a night. |: If I have the patience...

November 9th, 5:24 PM

I...haven't been writing, or updating, enough. Welllll. Now I have 9756 words, since I added another scene to the story, but that means I'm about 5000 words behind, according to this schedule that I stole from brooke. eeep.

More fun with tenses, and some shift of narrator - started out as an accident, but I liked it, so I kept it...

November 6th, 4:57 PM

Another drawing up in the outline area. Altair Two-Crescent. YAY!

November 6th, 2:43 AM

Short scene in the story. It brings me past my quota for the day, to 8534 words. Now I can sleep contentedly. x.x;

November 5th, 11:17 PM

7805 words. Another scene of the story. Why, yes, this one is rather fucked up. And that's why you should like it; I enjoy it. A lot of playing with tenses, a lot of wandering. I'm pretty sure everyone [and by "everyone" I mean "the two people who read this"] saw this flashback coming, but I still like it. I have to write one more scene tonight, so as to be back on schedule.

November 5th, 6:18 PM

Up to 6344 words on the story. Still behind, since Kat stole my time for RPing last night. Fucking awesome scene, though. I love playing Ever when he's COMPLETELY OUT OF HIS MIND.

Also, put a drawing up in the outline area. weeee.

November 4th, 3:17 AM

WOO! 5486 words! I'm still on schedule!

In other words: the fifth part of the story is up.

November 3rd, 4:56 PM

I drew Corbett/Raven in class today. View it in the outline area.

November 3rd, 2:47 AM

Aaaand the fourth scene of the story. I have no idea where I'm going with this. But, hey! I have 4100 words!

November 2nd, 10:52 AM

Third scene in the story, ideas added up in the outline area. I now have 2 833 words.

November 1st, 11:29 PM

More added to the story. A second scene, short. This brings my grand total up to 1700 words.

November 1st, 5:11 PM

Every link in the navbar leads to content, now. Joy. I'm going to go try to write, and find out that I can't do it, and then shoot myself in the head. :D

November 1st, 3:50 PM

Put up the first part of the story. Word count: 978.

Put up a convo with Leafy, with the outline area.

Maybe I'll put up some character stuff later tonight.

November 1st, 5:11 AM

Crap. -.-; I...didn't go to sleep. Instead I dug up an old outline and put it up. Okay, seriously, BED NOW.

November 1st, 4:37 AM

Ah, well. I've never done NaNoWriMo before, and I have no idea if I'll be able to finish it this month - but I thought it was worth a try, since I've had an idea for a story rattling around in my head since the 11th grade [10th grade?] and have never been able to find a good reason to get started on it. This time I have a good reason; I have a hard time turning down a challenge, especially when words such as "win" are used.

Plus, any excuse to design a new web layout right? hah!

There's nothing here yet. But eventually there will be; I know who my main characters are, I know their names and their histories and their appearances, their relationships to each other. I just need to find some time to stick it all up here, when I don't have astronomy or Greek homework to do, when I didn't just pledge to a greek house. And when it's not nearly 5 in the morning with me desperately in need of sleep...