Corbett [aka: Raven] - protagonist. Male. 28. Son of Altair and Corbett. Illegitimate prince [bastard]. Appearance: Black hair, grey eyes, average height and weight, healthy, black wings [mangled beyond use] are hidden beneath layers of clothing, giving him the appearance of a hunchback.

Tumaire - Male. 16. Son of Lithwaine and Corbett. Legitimate prince. Appearance: very very fair hair, sharp blue eyes, short and thin, generally looks unhealthy, splendid golden wings.

Corbin - Male. Around 40. King of Averra. Brother to Altair, father to Corbett and Tumaire, husband to Lithwaine. Appearance: Golden hair, sharp blue eyes, hawkish features, tall and broad across the shoulders, looks healthy, golden wings.

Altair - Female. mid/late 40s. Criminal/blood mage/official status unknown. Sister to Corbin, father to Corbett. Appearance: Curly black hair, grey eyes, short and average weight, not very busty, twin crescent shaped scars on her back

Lithwaine - Female. Early 30s. Queen of Averra. Wife to Corbin. Appearance: Washed out hair, pale green eyes, average height and very thin, with a tendency to look dazed and ill.